The Guasti Gino Impianti Srl manufactures, machinery and equipment with which it is equipped, all types of steel structures.

We can provide a full service construction design, construction workshop and installation of any type of structure, both steel and aluminum.

The dedicated staff handles the entire production process, to delivery to the customer of the finished and complete.
We are equipped with a fleet of machines and equipment designed to meet every need of transportation and handling of the material.

The Guasti Gino Impianti srl, as part of the installation sector, in addition to the standard type of metal pipes, spiral pipes also manufactures and markets both in galvanized and stainless steel or copper.

The Guasti Gino Impianti srl is able to offer its customers include the construction of plants "turnkey", with its own personnel or by the use of partners who collaborate with us for years. All the buildings are monitored and controlled by specialized technicians in various fields of intervention, guaranteeing the customer the maximum coordination at all stages of realization of the system.
We are also able to develop technical solutions for the construction of the plants.

The company is able to operate in all sectors, from industrial production to small and large commercial distribution, up to the pharmaceutical sector and the hospital sector.
Taking advantage of the internal technical staff, the company is able to monitor the implementation of the work in all its phases.

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